Sourav Joshi Biography – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Education, Success Story, and More


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So, You will come to know about Sourav Joshi Biography – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Family, Education, Success Story, Net Worth and More

Sourav Joshi is an Indian Youtuber, Vlogger and Drawing artist from Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India. He is popularly known for his Vlogs videos of his lifestyle videos. He is very cute looking and has gained too many followers on social media. After many attempts, he is now a successful creator.

Sourav Joshi Biography

Full Name Sourav Joshi
Born 8 September 1999
Age 22 as in 2021
Born Place Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Profession Youtuber, Influencer
Height 167 cm
Weight 60 Kg
Eye Color light Brown
Hair Color Brown eyes
Hobbies Drawing, Travelling
Food diet Non-Vegetarian
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Nationality Indian

Sourav Joshi Girlfriend

Sourav Joshi is Single and Not in a Relationship with anyone. He is seen with girls but they are just friends. He has not revealed about his girlfriend. So, we do not have information as it’s not public.

Sourav Joshi Family

Father’s Name: Sourav Joshi Father’s Name is Harinder Joshi, who works as a contractor.
Mother’s Name: Sourav Joshi Mother’s Name is Heema Joshi, who is a housewife. 
Brothers: Sourav Joshi Brother has two own brothers. The Elder Brother Name is Sahil Joshi and the Small Cousin Brother whose Name is Piyush Joshi.

Sourav Joshi Education

School: Sourav Joshi did his school studies from Govt. High School, Hisar which is situated in Haryana of Uttar Pradesh.
College: Sourav Joshi did his college studies from Punjab Group of College, situated in Mohali of Punjab.

Sourav Joshi Success Story

Sourav Joshi is among the top Creators in India who is popular across the world and listed as the No.1 Vlogger in India. So, in this section, you will all come to know about his Success Story.
Sourav Joshi was born to a middle-class family. His family faced many financial issues earlier. His father did a contractor and was not stable with his job. So, due to this, his family shifted to many houses on rent for only some time. But after the 9th shift, he had his own house.
Telling about Sourav Joshi was an average student in his school days. After completing 12th he doesn’t get good grades. By the Influence of others, he was convinced to do Architecture. For this and went to Delhi for 1-year preparation but he failed to get selected. Doing Preparation he learned many sketching and drawing skills which added quality to his life. Returning to hone he would do sketches of persons which was very impressive. He was all blank but developed a love for sketches and sometimes also worked with his father. 
In 2017, his Brother Subham Joshi convinced him that the Sourav Joshi drawing is very good and should not get wasted. So, Subham Joshi told him to make a YouTube channel and upload his Sketches videos. So, on 24 July 2017, he uploaded his first video “Drawing 2000 Note by Color pencils on his YouTube Channel “Sourav Joshi Arts”.
Sourav Joshi started being regular on YouTube. After uploading too many videos he was not getting attention much. But, he never stopped and continue. Then he started making trending videos related to trending people’s. Due to this his some of his videos get viral. He also made tutorial videos as a big demand from the public.
After some time he was gaining views on his channel. He taught of making a Vlog channel as he was inspired by Flying Beast. Many from his arts channel subscribed to his vlog channel. He got good Subscribers on his Vlog Channel but due to his many changes of rooms. He would not able to do Verification for Monetization due to the address problem. But he was not demotivated and this was the reason in his third attempt he verification for “Sourav Joshi Vlogs”. He started regular vlogs by visiting various places but after some time due to Corona on 24 March 2020 Lockdown announced. He was all having issues making vlog videos. But, he taught of making his lifestyle videos at home with his family. He planned and implemented a strategy to make 365 Vlogs means daily vlogs on his channel. But it was that only on 23 March 2020 did he upload the video Drawing with My family which went viral and he got motivated. He starts gaining wide views. His simplicity and down to earth people get connected to Loving his videos. 
So, the Success story of Sourav Joshi may have hit your heats. Now he is not only a name but a brand among people for his work. Many are now inspired to become artists.

Sourav Joshi Net Worth

Sourav Joshi works on many platforms other than YouTube to gain more income like Instagram promotions of any brand, YouTube sponsor and many more. He has two channels “Sourav Joshi Arts” and “Sourav Joshi Vlogs”. So, his Net Worth Can’t be told accurately. But telling about his YouTube Channel “Sourav Joshi Vlogs” has an estimated Net Worth of approximately about $2,769,432 in 2021.

Sourav Joshi Social Links

Sourav Joshi is mostly active on many social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. So, below here the links you can easily connect with Sourav Joshi.
Instagram: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here
Twitter: Click Here

Some Facts About Sourav Joshi

  1. Sourav Joshi is one of the top Vlogger in India.
  2. He is simple, kind and a good person.
  3. Sourav Joshi has a KTM Duke Bike and has a Toyota Innova Crysta Car.
  4. He is a dog lover and his dog name is Oreo.
  5. He loved sketching and drawing when he was preparing Architecture.
  6. He also organised many arts, workshops to help many to learn about sketching.
  7. Sourav Joshi is inspired by Flying Beast to make his own Vlog Channel.
  8. In October 2020 he was invited by IIT Roorkee for being part of the sketching workshop.
  9. Arto drawing paper company promotes his mom photo as a cover page.
  10. Piyush Joshi his Cousin Brother also has a big hand in making his channel big family as he connects most of the children’s across the world.

This was the Biography of Sourav Joshi. He is very inspiring and motivating for many ones. 

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