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Acharya Prashant is an Indian Author and a teacher of Advaita. Acharya Ji is the Founder of the Prashant Advait Foundation. He is known mainly for sharing motivational videos related to every problem in life on his YouTube Channel “Acharya Prasant”.

Acharya Prashant Biography

Real NamePrashant Tripathi
Born 7 March 1978
Age44 as in 2022
Born PlaceAgra, Uttar Pradesh, India
ProfessionAuthor, Activist, Teacher, Life Influencer
Height (approx)175 cm
Weight (approx)69 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
HobbiesReading, Travelling
Food DietVegetarian
Marital StatusUnmarried
Zodaic SignNot Known

Acharya Prashant Wife

Acharya Prashant is Unmarried as he left his normal life and stepped his life to helping others. He is currently not in all these and has a busy schedule in all kinds of work.

Acharya Prashant Parent’s

Acharya Prashant was born in a well Financial Family belonging to a Hindu caste from agar, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Father’s Name: Acharya Prashant Father’s Name is Unknown, who is a bureaucrat.

Mother’s Name: Acharya Prashant Mother’s Name is Unknown, who is a Housewife.

Acharya Prashant Qualifications

Acharya Prashant was well educated and completed his education with good grades and academic excellence. After his schooling, he took admission to IIT Delhi. After completing his studies at IIT Delhi, he took admission to IIM Ahmedabad for Post graduation.

Acharya Prashant Life Journey

Acharya Prashant was born in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. During his childhood, he was very naughty and good at his studies. He used to think something very deeply. So, here you will know the Life Story of Acharya Prashant.

In school, he was awarded prizes for being a brilliant and top student in the class. Due to his good performance, his mother was also awarded the title of mother queen. His teachers were very impressed with him as he was very different from other students. The state government during board examination for a new benchmark and NTSC Scholar honoured him.

His father was a government official who made a library in his home only. Acharya Prashant was very fond of reading books. At age of 5 Till the age of 10 only he completed reading books and requested more books from his parents.

After some years due to his father’s job, he shifted to Gaziabad, Delhi. He used to write poems and published his first poem at age of 11 only. Acharya Ji performed well in his school studies and so he got admission to IIT Delhi. He was very active in programs held in the Institute. He has too much exploring and great thinker to understand the surroundings designed to create a beautiful life. Similarly, he thinks the same for the body how each organ functions and the necessity required for a good life. He knew about Chakras of life of which all things are powered. He then gains interest to know all this. So, Acharya Ji decided to Join Indian civil services and management. He was then took admission to IIM, Ahmedabad. Due to rank, he was not allowed to Indian Civil Services. From childhood, he was very different and so he was not kind to get good grades and go for a placement. He completed his IIM studies but something was left to do. Acharya Ji used to go to Gandhi ashram to help Graduate students to strengthen their mathematics by spending money on NGO work. He used to do acting and directed the script to spread awareness and reach out to people about what he wanted in life.

At age of 28, he ended the corporate world to bring changes to humanity. He then founded Advait life education. In starting days he used to tell about self-development to students. Self-development was not been given in paper studies. So, he decided to reach a maximum number of students studying in schools and Colleges.

Acharya Ji also told about self-awareness which was very serious and for this also go to the Himalayas to enjoy them all. He and his team became Socially active on social platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and websites to reach other audiences who cannot meet him. He reached maximum and all who knew about his videos noticed changes in his life. This is how acharya Prasant is now serving youths to power incorrect direction and helps people in solving any matters in life.

Now, Acharya Prasant is a poet, Advait teacher, and activist. He now becomes a teacher to many people across the country. He has written many books relating to life for one’s to know all about it for becoming silent spiritually and also meets individually for clarification of his/her life.

Some Facts About Acharya Prashant

  1. Acharya Prashant at age of 11 only wrote his poem.
  2. He got awarded for best actor in IIT without saying a single word or one moment.
  3. Acharya Ji is a pet lover and loves every other living being in nature.
  4. He mostly loves travelling to natural places having a good environment, fresh air, water, lands, sounds of birds etc.
  5. Acharya Ji Popular books are Advait in everyday life, books of myths, and karma.
  6. Acharya Prashant has a Non-profit Organisation for the people.
  7. His YouTube Channel “Acharya Prasant” has about 2.61 Subscribers latest by 6 November 2021.
  8. He has also been featured in Magazines like zee news, and Indian express and also featured in Tedx.
  9. His content is available in audio, video, and textbase format to help each one.
  10. Acharya Prashant’s debt explanation has changed many Life situations.

This was the Biography of Great Personality needed to know to everyone about Acharya Prashant Ji’s Life. Acharya Ji Life is very inspiring and motivating to all of us. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.

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  1. I am really very impressed with his talk on you tube and I keep forwarding it to my friends relatives. I have lots of respect for him. Always wanted to be the woman he talks about. Want my Son to be like him when he grows up.
    Want to be in touch with him to get real vibes. To hear him and convert my self and my thoughts like his.
    I like when someone answers to you to make you really think deeply. Want to learn what ever he teaches .
    Don’t have much words to write about him, to him. But wish so much best to him .
    We require more men like this in our country.

  2. Acharya ji give me a lot of clarity and Clear vision about life and life myth also ..thank you ..u r exceptionally extraordinary human being on this earth..

  3. आचार्य जी यूटूबआपकी बातों से बहुत प्रभावित हूं


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