Pavan Agrawal (Blogger) – Age, Wife, Children’s, Education, Success Story and More


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Pavan Agrawal is an Indian Blogger, Youtuber and digital marketer from Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh. He is popularly known for his Website Deepawali as being the founder of the site. His YouTube Channel “Learn and Earn with Pavan Agrawal” is growing in subscribers.

Pavan Agrawal Biography

Real NamePavan Agrawal
Born 18 April 1982
Age40 as in 2022
Born Place Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh, India
ProfessionBlogger, Youtuber
Height (approx)165 cm
Weight (approx)69 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorWhite Black
HobbiesReading, Travelling
Food DietVegetarian
Marital StatusUnmarried
Zodaic SignVirgo

Pavan Agrawal Wife/Children’s


Pavan Agrawal’s Wife’s name is Rachna Nagal, who was a teacher who was a lecturer at the University. His wife was very supportive of him.


Pavan Agrawal and Rachna Nagal have two daughters.

Pavan Agrawal Education

Pavan Agrawal Completed his University studies at NIT, Bhopal in the State of Madhya Pradesh. He has done bachelor’s in Electronics from the University. He was very active and a brilliant student.

Pavan Agrawal Success Story

In this section, you will come to know about Pavan Agrawal’s Success Story, who made his blogging carrier successful with many ups and downs in life. It was not easy for him to be one of the top Bloggers in India. So, here you will know the Success Story of Pavan Agrawal Sir.

Pavan Agrawal was born on 18 April 1982 in Gadarwara, Madhya Pradesh. From Childhood, he was very good at academics securing good grades. After Completing his school studies, he wanted to do his higher studies at a good college. He got admission to one of the Biggest Dream Universities Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology, which is in Bhopal of State Madhya Pradesh. Here, he took admission in Electrical Engineering. After completing his education at the University, he got a Placement in TCS(Tata Consultancy Services). In the Company, he worked for about 9 Years. From Company he got an opportunity to work internationally also. For 2 Years he was living in the US due to a job.

Pagan Agrawal started when he was about 7 years while doing a job. Pavan Agrawal’s brother got married, who was also working in TCS. After Marriage His Brother along with his wife shifted to the UK. All was going too good but His Brother’s wife was not getting a job even if he was an MBA Holder. Pavan Agarwal and his Brother’s Wife decided to do something so they Switched to Some Technical Work such as Blogging. This was the Starting he was introduced to Blogging.

At Starting of his Blogging, he was also an employed person being financially strong. So, with help of Google AdWords, he started bringing traffic. After some time he knew about Arbitrage. He was technically very strong and knew all about that Arbitrage. He was earning more than his blogging so he left the job and did full-time blogging. After 6 months from the day of leaving his job on one day, he was very disappointed as he left his job for doing Blogging only. He was focusing mainly to gain traffic through some inorganic ways. So, Google just stopped all from his site.

Due to This Reason, he started focusing on organic traffic. He started learning many things and applied various SEO methods to rank his websites. After some time, he started gaining reach and his Websites posts started using good reach to a wider audience. It takes time but Google can’t avoid a Website which is providing useful information.

Now he is one of the top Bloggers in India. Pavan Agrawal is a very successful Blogger and also works on multiple platforms. He is now also Sharing all information and Knowledge through Videos. He is a real example that “Age is Just a Number”. I hope you have much known about his Success Story.

Pawan Agrawal Social Links

Pavan Agarwal has his Website. He also has a very deep knowledge of having your social media accounts as it can help you to grow in any type of field you are working in. So, Pavan Agrawal uses many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. Below are the links through which you can visit him.

Facebook: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here

YouTube: Click Here

Linkedin: Click Here

Some Facts About Pavan Agrawal

  1. Pavan Agrawal is one of the top Website personalities.
  2. He is a simplekindinnocent and funny personality.
  3. He followed top Bloggers like Amit AgrawalHarsh Agrawal in 2014.
  4. Pavan Agarwal was getting about a 15 Lakh Package when he joined TCS Company.
  5. He has started a Blog Tank to Fund Bloggers who wish to sell his/her Website.
  6. Pavan Agarwal along with his family work together.
  7. He loves travelling and mostly natural places with evergreen scenery.
  8. His YouTube Channel has about 128K Subscribers latest by 8 August 2022.
  9. He is a great Analystic who know dept knowledge about technical works.
  10. Pavan Agrawal is now working mostly as a Video Creator on YouTube.

This was the Biography of Great Personality Mr Pavan Agrawal Sir. He is now providing knowledge & Information to everyone. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.


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