Himanshu Dulani Biography – Age, Girlfriend, Height, tattoo, Dance Academy and More


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If you are a Dancer or not a Dancer surely you all know this guy. He has worked with many Popular Choreographers of Bollywood, dance companies, crews and many others from various platforms.

Today, In this Post You will come to know about a Popular Dancer and I am 100% sure you cannot move your eyes from his Dance moves. I am here talking about Himanshu Dulani. So, In this Blog Post, You will come to know about Himanshu Dulani Biography – Age, Girlfriend, Height, tattoo, Dance Academy and More

Himanshu Dulani is a Popular Dancer and Choreographer who is known for his amazing dance moves. He is a rising star and has a YouTube Channel “Himanshu Dulani”. He represented Hip Hop International with his Crew 13.13 and is currently also working as a Bollywood Choreographer. He is very cute and has an amazing personality.

Himanshu Dulani Biography

Real NameHimanshu Dulani
Born10 December 1997
Age25 as in 2022
Born PlaceGwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India
Height (approx)176 cm
Weight (approx)57 Kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Food DietNon-Vegetarian
Marital StatusUnmarried
Zodaic Sign Not Known

Himanshu Dulani Girlfriend

Himanshu Dulani had not shared anything about his girlfriend and doesn’t reveal his relationship status. He may be in a relationship but is private and personal. He is happy in his Dancing which he wanted in his life.

Himanshu Dulani Tattoo

Himanshu Dulani has a Tattoo on his Left Hand, which he made for his love and Dedication to his Dance. He shows all his regularity and hits with his unique dance.

Himanshu Dulani Dance Academy

Himanshu Dulani has a Big Dance Studio in Mumbai. Here, he is a Dance Instructor. Most of the Videos he makes are made on his YouTube Channel Videos are from here only.

Himanshu Dulani Life Story

Himanshu Dulani was born in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. He Faced Many Problems and was not good at Studies in his childhood. He knew that he cannot do anything from his studies and had hope in Dance. He then decided to be a Dancer.

Himanshu Dulani Now is popularly known But the position he is in now is all because of Believe that he could do something like following her passion in Dance. Her parents wanted him to study and have a job. He also told about his interest in Dance. But, his parents rejected his interest.

When Himanshu Dulani had gone to her Maternal Grandmother, he told there about his interest. Telling all things about his interest, he got support from his Maternal Grandmother and Went to Mumbai to learn Dance.

Living in Mumbai did not seem to be easy, but keeping his problem aside he never lost hope and practised hard to be a Dancer. And Finally, he got an opportunity to be a part of the Best Dance Group 13.13 member. He did much Competition with his Crew 13.13 but did not get Success. His dedication and Struggle made him Finally Perform in the Final of World Hip Hop and people started Knowing him. But, This was not the Better time, due to some personal issues he left Group 13.13.

After leaving Group 13.13, he started dancing as a Solo and took part in many Local Dance competitions. He also performed in Biggest Indian Dance Show Dance Plus but was rejected many times. But, he was consistent and never left his work. He made his YouTube Channel and Started Uploading his Dance Videos. From time to Time his Time Changed and people started liking his Dance Choreographies. Now his Channel has many hit Dance Videos and is Known popularly For his Uniqueness.

Some Facts About Himanshu Dulani

  1. Himanshu Dulani was not interested in Studies and so he wanted to Follow her Passion.
  2. Himanshu Dulani has about 948K Subscribes on his YouTube Channel latest on 19 July 2022. 
  3. The Most Viewed Video on his YouTube Channel is DiL Luteya.
  4. He loves travelling long distances.
  5. He is always been loved dance since Childhood.
  6. He is a popular Youtuber in Dancing Community.
  7. He organises Dance Camps and Events in various cities in the state of India.
  8. He also does Choreographies in Bollywood For Bollywood Celebrities.
  9. Many loves to perform the same choreography as they are very much inspired by his Choreographies.
  10. He is a good friend of Kartik Raja and Mohan Pandey seen Dancing together.

This was the Biography of Urban Hip-Hop Dancer Himanshu Dulani. He is now an inspiration and all loves to perform his dance Choreographies. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. Lastly, I want to say that please support every artist as other artists can also grow to share positivity among all of us. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.

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