Himachal Wala Biography – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Success Story, Net Worth and More


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Today, In this Post You will come to know about a Popular Creator who is very young and sweet. I am here talking about Himachal wala. So, In this Blog Post, You will come to know about Himachal Wala Biography – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Success Story, Net Worth and More

Ravi Charak Known by his Best Vlogging name “Himachal Wala” is an Indian Vlogger From Himachal Pradesh. He also has a Tech Channel “Cool Mind Tech” where he shares about YouTube Tips and Tricks. He is a very simple and natural person.

Himachal Wala Biography

Full Name Ravi Charak
Born 12 September 1994
Age 27 as in 2021
Born Place Bharmour, Himachal Pradesh, India
Profession Youtuber
Height (approx) 163 cm
Weight (approx) 76 kg
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Black
Hobbies Gaming, Travelling
Food diet Non-Vegetarian
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality Indian

Himachal Wala Girlfriend

Ravi Charak is single and has not disclosed anything about his girlfriend. Many Rumours have been spread about his Relationship with Himachal Wali Shivani, who is Vlogger. She is very close to her but they are just good friends. Both of them are not Relationships as they have cleared all between them in their YouTube Video.

Himachal Wala Parents

Father’s Name: Himachal Wala Father’s Name is Suresh Charak.
Mother’s Name: Himachal Wala Mother’s Name is Rajni Charak.

Himachal Wala Success Story

Himachal Wala is Known as Ravi Charak. It was not so easy for him to be a Popular Vlogger. He has gone through many problems. So, you will come to know about him through this section.
Ravi started his YouTube Channel in 2013 named “Cool Mind Tech”. He uploaded YouTube Tips, Updates, Unboxing, Tech Fact. He’s been a regular content creator on YouTube. He was all Knowledge about the YouTube Algorithm which he shared through his YouTube videos. But many of his viewers started copying his videos. Many with Good Setup and smartphones boosted their YouTube Channel. He was not having a good setup. So, he was lacking in quality but also continued. 
But, the bad turning point came in his life when he was deeply attracted to PUBG. He was too addicted that he was irregular to upload videos. This way his channel get down and no good views seemed on his channel. He thought of Opening a Gaming Channel. He Failed as he would need proper WiFi connection stability, Pc (having good Memory and Graphics).
Himachal Wala faced many financial issues. Even due to his not regular videos. He was not even earning a good income due to fewer views. It was all a bad time for him as he was able to support his family. It was too struggle and Sad time when his father died. Ravi Charak faced too many problems financially as he was the elder of four sisters. He had a YouTube Channel named “HP Ka Navi” where he did Vlogging. Due to many issues financially he sold his channel. He was also not regular on his Channel “Cool Mind Tech”. Many YouTubers made a dedicated video to come back. So, he started his New YouTube Channel as “Himachal Wala” where he uploads regular Vlogs Videos. He started making regular videos related to Himachal. His first Video Title “Plowing in the Fields of my village” was uploaded on 29 April 2020. People were loving his videos and all were very supportive of him. This channel after some time Boost Up and Channel was growing very Fastly. 
Now, Ravi Charak is a very Popular and Famous Vlogger known all over India and even other Countries also. He motivates many and shares very useful information through his vlog channel.
Ravi Charak Net Worth Can’t be told accurately as he has two YouTube channels. As his Tech Chanel “Cool Mind Tech” had good earnings by multiple sources such as company promotions, Google ads, Affiliate links etc. So, here you will know about his growing YouTube Channel “Himachal Wala” which has an estimated Net Worth of approximately about $42,806 till 4 December 2021.

Himachal Wala Social Links

Himachal Wala along with Two YouTube channels Himachal Wala and Cool Mind Tech. He is mostly active in Himachal Wala and also has social media accounts. So you all visit her other social accounts from below.
Instagram: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here

Some Facts About Himachal Wala

  1. Himachal Wala is a Popular Youtuber from Himachal Pradesh, India known for introducing the state through his vlogs video.
  2. Ravi Charak is an animal lover and loves having fun at free time.
  3. He was addicted to PUBG which become very difficult to leave.
  4. Ravi Charak is a very humble and kind person.
  5. His Vlog Channel “Himachal Wala” has about 577K Subscribers latest by 4 December 2021.

This was the Biography of Ravi Charak (Himachal Wala). No doubt he has worked very hard to achieve this success. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.



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