Emma Watson Biography – Age, Height,Boyfriend, Education, Family, Success Story and More

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Today, In this Post You will come to know about a Great Personality who achieved all things at a very early age as he started building himself at Just Age 6. I am Taking about Emma Watson who has done remarkable acting in her acting career. So, In this Blog Post, You will come to know about Emma Watson Biography related to Age, Height,Boyfriend, Education, Family, Success Story and More

Emma Watson is a Hollywood Actress, model and activist who is Popularly known after his ionic role of Hermione Granger in the “Harry Potter Series”. She is very Talented and known as one of the hottest beautiful actress. She is known for his amazing acting skills. She gained much attention of public as she was very confident in his work.

Emma Watson Biography

Full Name  Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson
Date of Birth 15 April 1990
Age 31 as of 2021
Born Place Paris
Profession Actress, Model and Activist
Height 5’5
Weight 53 kg
Religion Agnostic
Language known English
First Movie Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone
Nationality British

Emma Watson Education


Emma Watson did her Schooling from the Dragon School, Oxford, England (2003),after which he shifted to Hedington School, Oxford, England.


Emma Watson has a Bachelor’s Degree in English literature from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island (2009-2014).








Emma Watson Boyfriend

Emma Watson had affairs but presently She is happy being Single and call himself being “self Partnered”. She keeps his relationship private but many times caught in public place.

Emma Watson Family

Father’s Name : Emma Watson Father’s Name is Chris watson, who is a lawyer.
Mother’s Name : Emma Watson Mother’s Name is Jacqueline Luesby, who is a lawyer.
Sister’s Name : Nina Watson, Lucy Watson
Brother’s Name : Toby Watson

Emma Watson Success Story

Emma Watson is among the very interested and popular actress across the world. She has done remarkable acting in “Harry Potter Series” known popularly to everyone. So, Emma Watson has a very amazing Success Journey.
Emma Watson was born to lawyer background but his parents separated when she was of 5 years only. At age of 6 only, she was Passionate to become actress. She took admission in Oxford Branch of Stagecoach Theatre Arts. She was very understanding and grabed very easily. All were very impressed by his acting skills.
She was learning about acting in the theatres and all were very impressed. The teacher of his theatre told about the Auditions going for the best Selling Novel Harry Potter. The audition was for the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone required for the role to be played by someone. So, she auditioned 8 times for the audition. The Book Writer JK Rowling was searching for the Role to played for the Story. Emma Watson was selected for the story during screen test only by Jk Rowling.
In November 2001, The Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone released and becomed popular film. This was the turning point which made him popular at very young age of 11 only. After the first movies many parts of Harry potter released and all gained success in the Hollywood industry. 
After Several Movie hits, she was offered for various roles. She was also studying as she becomed actress. She was known as Hermione Granger across the world. She wanted to known not only as her acting in Harry potter series but also as a evergreen artist. So, in 2007 she worked for the movie “Ballet Shoes” as a lead role. The Movie “Ballet Shoes” becomed popular and was liked by the people.
Now, Emma Watson is one of the most popular and known Hollywood Actress across the globe. She has achieved all she dreamed in very young age and many are inspired about his journey to success.

Emma Watson Net Worth

Emma Watson has an Estimated Net worth of approximately about $85 Million Dollars according to Celebrity net worth in 2021.

Some Facts About Emma Watson

  1. Emma Watson was clear from an age of Only 6 to become actress.
  2. She was very Studious who gets good grades in his studies during school and college days.
  3. Emma Watson is very kind and donate money to charities.
  4. Emma Watson Parent’s Divorced each another when she was of only 6 years and then shifted to England.
  5. She is also a Pet lover.
  6. Emma Watson is a Woman Activist, who works for the rights and equality in the society.
  7. In 2014, She becomed UN Women Goodwill Ambassador.
  8. Emma Watson is also known popularly in the Fashion Industy, as she has a Fashionable sense.
  9. Emma Watson is known to be the most Childhood Crush for many across the world.
  10. Emma Watson is also Known to be the “Highest Grossing Actress of the Decade” by the Guinness book of World Records.
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