Emiway Bantai Biography – Age, Wife, Education, Family Real Name, Net Worth and More


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So, In this Blog Post, You will come to know about Emiway Bantai Biography – Age, Wife, Education, Family Real Name, Net Worth and More

Emiway Bantai is an Indian Rapper, Songwriter, Music Composer. He is a well-known artist famously being hit for the Originality he shows through the Rap songs. He is a very creative and attractive looking person. He is an independent artist and is a big name in Rapping.

Emiway Bantai Biography

Real Name Shahrukh Shaikh
Born 13 November 1995
Age 26 as in 2021
Born Place Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Profession Rapper
Height (approx) 170 cm
Weight (approx) 60 Kg
Eye Color Dark Brown
Hair Color Black
Hobbies Travelling, Reading
Food diet Non-Vegetarian
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality Indian

Emiway Bantai Wife

Emiway Bantai is not married and is personal. He had been with Mukta karandikar, who was a female rapper from India but had not been too far. He has been with many but never revealed to his audience. Most of the information relating to his relationship status is not disclosed.

Emiway Bantai Education

Emiway Bantai did his school studies at Lakshdham High School, Mumbai, Maharashtra. He failed in class 12 as he was more serious in rapping than his studies. So, he studied till school only.

Emiway Bantai Family

Emiway Bantai was born to a middle class Muslim family in Bengaluru, Karnataka. His parents were belonging both from other caste family. His father was from muslim and his mom was from Hindu family background. They both have two children as Emiway and emiway’s small brother.

Emiway Bantai Success Story

Emiway Bantai is not just a name but a brand known for Raps that has changed the rapping industry to another level. You will come to know all about his Success story in this section.
Emiway was born to a Middle-class family. In his childhood days, he used to be a very obedient and silent child. He was also good at his studies. He was very shy nature in Childhood. During his school, he participated in one program by Wearing Shaktimaan Costume and told “My name is” and started crying. He would dream to become a Doctor in childhood but from time to time he and his dream changed.
When he started rapping, it was not easy to know much about rap as there were only a few artists who were rapping. After listening to rap songs from his surrounding friends he became interested in rapping. He used to Listen to Eminem rap songs. He learned much about the flow, music, lyrics and all type of rap vibes from time to time. When he listened to “Eminem – Not Afraid” and rap the same rap song to his friends, his friend appreciated him and told you can do something big in the rap industry. So, this was how he started.
During his rapping journey, he would work all day writing a rap song. He was good at studies but on reaching class 12 he was not too active in his studies. He was spending too much time in studies and become very passionate about rapping. He had forgotten all about his studies and so he failed in class 12. He became too mad and saw this his father would say but he convinced his father. Emiway would say I can do something in Rap. One day he presented one English Rap song to his father. His father would say the rap is good but make it as Indian Public can easily understand. He kept the same point in mind and made Hindi rap along with his English Rap songs.
Emiway Bantai released his first song “Aur Bantai” in March 2014. This song was good and get good views. After that, he uploaded being regular and started uploading videos. But, didn’t get many views but he never stopped. He also worked as a labour in a cafe. He would get Rs 300 in a cafe on a day. Emiway did his job to be financially responsible for himself and in another way would do rapping. He spent too many years rapping but did not get success. He was deeply motivated and hardworking for his dream. In 2017 he was getting known as a rap artist. The main turning point come when he released a diss track for Raftaar, who is a very popular Indian rapper. The main reason behind releasing the diss track was, as Raaj Jones interview raftaar told about emiway that he is doing rapping but not earning. Emiway felled bad and as a reply to raftaar he released many diss tracks. On the other hand, it was being a Diss track between Emiway and raftaar. Due to which Emiway got reached many unknowns and other artists Fastly as Raftaar fans would hear replies from emiway also. The public was liking the flow, music, vibes all of emiway. This became the trend in the Rapping industry. The Controversy has been for some months and the matter closed. Emiway Bantai got good growth and boost in his YouTube Channel.
Now, Emiway Bantai is known as a rapper, lyricist, music composer, Video editor, dancer. He has become one of the top Creators as a rap artist from India.

Emiway Bantai Net Worth 

Emiway Bantai earns from various sources such as YouTube, stage shows, company promotions, social accounts and more. Telling about his Net worth, he was an estimated Net Worth of approximately about $4 Million in 2021.

Emiway Bantai Social Links

Emiway Bantai along with YouTube is also active on other social Platforms where he regular uploads and shares all about the day or anything. So, you all can easily get connected to know about updates and check his profile. So, Just Click on “Click Below” as given below:
Instagram: Click Here
Facebook: Click Here

Some Facts About Emiway Bantai

  1. Emiway Bantai is known as one of the Favourite Rappers of Youths.
  2. He has been addicted to Eminem songs and was his inspiration.
  3. Emiway when he was a child, his name was Bilal Saeed.
  4. He is popularly a artist well known all across the globe for his talent.
  5. He named himself Emiway Bantai inspired by his two favourite rappers as Emiway from “Eminem” and Bantai called a “Bhai” in the local language in Maharashtra.
  6. Emiway Parents did love marriage as his father was a Muslim and his Mother was belonging to a Hindu Family.
  7. Emiway Earlier in starting did English Rap songs as he taught rapping would be in English but he started in Hindi due to his father.
  8. He also participated in one of the Biggest Indian Talented Show “India’s Got Talent“.
  9. His Songs are very interested, motivating, energetic, life truths and is based on today’s reality.
  10. India’s No. 1 Rapper Yo Yo honey tells all about that Emiway is one favourite rap artist in India.

This was the Biography of Great Rapping Personality Emiway Bantai. He is now an inspiration and motivation for many. He is just killing everyone with his rap lines. He is a too young and talented artist who has changed himself just because of his love for rap. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.




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