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Christiano Ronaldo is a Portuguese Footballer. He is Well Recognised for amazing Football Play. in Short he is Popularly Called “Ronaldo”. He has a Great Fan Following as many are inspired by him. He is one of the Kind, Strong, Down to Earth and Amazing Personality.

Christiano Ronaldo Biography

Real NameCristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro
Born5 February, 1985
Age37 as in 2022
Born PlaceFunchal, Maderia, Portugal
Profession Footballer
Height (approx)187 cm
Weight (approx)83 Kg
Eye ColorHaze Brown
Hair ColorBlack
HobbiesWorkout, Music
Food DietNon-Vegetarian
Marital StatusMarried
Zodaic SignAquarius

Christiano Ronaldo Wife/Children’s


Christiano Ronaldo is not married but is currently in Relationship with Georgina Rodriquez, who is a Spanish Model.


Christiano Ronaldo’s Children’s Name is Alana Martina Dos Santos, Aveiro, Christiano Ronaldo Jr., Eva Maria Dos Santos, Mateo Ronaldo.

Christiano Ronaldo Parent’s/Sibling’s


Father’s Name: Christiano Ronaldo Father’s Name is Jose Dinis Aveiro.

Mother’s Name: Christiano Ronaldo Mother’s Name is Maria Dolores dos Sontos Aveiro.


Brother’s Name: Christiano Ronaldo’s Brother’s Name is Hugo Aveiro.

Sister’s Name: Christiano Ronaldo’s Sister’s Name is Katia Aveiro, Elma Aveiro.

Christiano Ronaldo Education

School: Christiano Ronaldo did his School Studies is not known.

College: Christiano Ronaldo did not Complete his College Studies he has not been never studied College.

Christiano Ronaldo Success Story

Christiano Ronaldo is one of the most Popular Football players. He is the Caption of the National Portugal Football Team. History has proven those who dare to imagine the impossible are the ones who break all human limitations. So, here you will Know the Success Story of Christiano Ronaldo.

Christiano Ronaldo was born in the Portugal City of Anchal. Ronaldo’s Father after being an American actor become President. His father was a big fan of Ronald Reagan. This was the reason he named his child Ronaldo. His mother used to call him “Cry Baby” when Ronaldo loosed any match. Ronaldo was interested in and loved to play football at a very small age. From Childhood, he lived in a Tin House with his family. His father was a Gardener in Nagar Nigam in Portugal. At the age of just 8 Only, Ronaldo was selected for Andorina Sports Club. He used to be regular more on the ground than in his school classes.

At Just Age of 10 Years Only, Christiano Ronaldo was made a member of Portugal’s largest Football Club. Ronaldo had a Close friend from the Same Club Named Albert Frontrou. They both Played for the Same team of Portugal. One Day, Officials of Sporting Lisbon of Portugal. They came for a trial for a selection in Academy. The criteria were to Score more Goals as they will give admission to their academy. Ronaldo’s team won with 3 defeating by opposite team with a Score of 0. Ronaldo did the first goal and his friend Abert Frontrou did the Second-Goal. The Third goal impressed the audience as Albert was about to goal but he passed the football to Ronaldo and then Ronaldo did the Goal. Finally, Ronaldo got selected by the Academy and Signed him for 15 Pounds.

At the age of 12 Years Only, Ronaldo moved to Lisbon after being selected by the Sporting Lisbon of Portugal. He used to live there without his Family. At age of 15, Christiano Ronaldo suffered from a heart problem. The Doctors told to stop playing football or do surgery. Being a Footballer to Practice daily for 8-10 hours on the ground. Ronaldo went for Surgery and was a Successful recovery. He again started playing football but bad news came as his father died due to high alcohol consumption. He was very close to his Father. The family suffered from a financial crisis. His Mother started working on people’s houses to support his family.

Being 17 Years Old, He played his First Club Match. He Played extremely good in the Match. In 2003, At the age of 18 Years Only, Manchester United Signed for 17 Million dollar. He got jersey Number 7 from Manchester United. He started winning as FA Cup in his First Season. Then he won 3 Premier League Titles, 1 Championship Title and 1 Fifa World for the Team.

In 2008 Real Madrid signed Christiano Ronaldo from Manchester United for about $132 Million dollars. This was the Most Expensive Association Football transfer for any player in history. Real Madrid’s Contract for Ronaldo was from 2009 to 2015. In 2015 he becomes the Best Portuguese Football Player of all time. Being in Team Real Madrid, Ronaldo won 15 Trophies.

In 2018, Italy Football Club Juventus signed Ronaldo for about 100 Million Pound. He won many titles and got well recognised as a player across the globe. He is now the best and most loved football player and the richest person.

Christiano Ronaldo Net Worth

Christiano Ronaldo has an Estimated Net Worth of approximately about $500 Million in 2022.

Christiano Ronaldo Social Links

Christiano Ronaldo has various Social Media Accounts. You can Easily visit his Profiles by Clicking on the Links given below.

Instagram: Click Here

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Twitter: Click Here

Some Facts About Christiano Ronaldo

  1. Christiano Ronaldo is one of the Popularly Recognised footballers.
  2. Ronaldo’s One Year Turn Over is 700 Million in one year.
  3. He is one of the Richest Footballer in the World.
  4. He also donates money to his Charity organisations to help the ones.
  5. Ronaldo is one of the Highest-Paid Athletes in the World.
  6. He is very thankful to his Friend Albert Frontrou for his first break.

This was the Biography of Christiano Ronaldo. He is an inspiration and motivational to all the Peoples. I Hope you have Known Much Information from this Blog Post. If you enjoyed reading Please Comment Below as your Feedback is always appreciated.

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