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Bill Gates is an American Businessman Magnate, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author and Philanthropist. He is the Co-Founder of Microsoft with his friend Paul Allen. He has done great achievements and is been awarded by Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. He is curious, funny and a great person with down to earth personality.

Bill Gates Biography

Real NameWilliam Henry Bill Gates III
Born28 October 1955
Age67 as in 2022
Born PlaceSeattle, Washington, USA
ProfessionAuthor, Entrepreneur, Software Developer, Business Magnate, Philanthropist, Investor
Height (approx)175 cm
Weight (approx)70 Kg
Eye ColorGreyish Blue
Hair ColorGray
HobbiesGolf, Tennis
Food Diet
Marital StatusDivorced
Zodaic SignScorpio

Bill Gates Wife/Children’s


Bill Gates is Divorced from Melinda Gates. Bill Gates and Melinda Gates tied the Knot on January 1, 1994. They had Been in 27 Year of Relationship. But, Due to Some Reason, they end up Bonding on 3rd May 1994.


Bill Gates and Melinda Gates give Birth to Three Children. They had a son named Rory John Gates and two Daughter named Jennifer Katharine Gates, and Phoebe Adele Gates.

Bill Gates Parent’s/Sibling’s


Father’s Name: Bill Gates Father’s Name is William Henry Gates, who is a Lawyer.

Mother’s Name: Bill Gates’s Mother’s Name is Mary Ann Maxwell Gates, who was a Teacher.


Brother’s Name: Bill Gates has No Brother’s.

Sister’s Name: Bill Gates Sister’s Name is Libby Gates and Kristi Gates.

Bill Gates Education

School: Bill Gates did his School Studies at Lakeside School, Seattle, Washington, United States.

College: Bill Gates Completed his College Studies at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Bill Gates Success Story

Bill Gates is a Well Recognised Personality in the World. He is not Only a Name But an Evergreen Name in Name of Computer Software World. His Contribution to Computer Science is a History to be remembered. So, here you will know the Success Story of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates was born on 25 October 1955 in Seattle of Washington, United States of America. His Father William H. gates was a Lawyer. His Parent’s wanted her to make his career in Law. But, From Childhood Bill was interested in Computer Programming and its language. He was a genius child who studied for about 15-16 Hours. He did his Schooling at Lakeside School. During that time Mainframe Computers were available. It was difficult for a person to operate a mainframe Computer as for operating one needed to learn about Programming and Commands. When this Computer comed in the School, bill spent time on it. He was more interested to know about Computer that How it Works?

Bill Gates was a Curious Child who learn all the Basic programming. When he was just 13 Years Old, he made the Tic Tac Toe Programme with the Help of BASIC (Beginners All Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code). Tic Tac Toe was a Game that one can easily play with the help of a Computer. For this, you don’t require a person as the computer automatically runs on the given programmed data. In School Day Only, he met Paul Allen who was two years Senior from him. Having the same interest and Thinking both of them become Good Friends.

In School, he don’t Enter the Classroom and entered the Computer Lab. One Day, Bill Gates and His Friend Paul Allen were stopped from Entering Computer Lab. Because they both were always busy in the Computer lab instead of Learning. They used to experiment with Software. One day a virus was spread on the Computer. Bill Gates removed the virus which was impressive. Later they agreed to enter the Computer lab if they find Errors in Programmes. At this time Only, Bill Gates at the age of 14 Only made another Programme which work in Time Table Schedule at School.

In 1970, Bill Gates at age of 15 along with Paul Allen made a Programme. This Programme Worked in Traffic Pattern named as “Traf-O-Data” Programme. This programme helped to control traffic. For making this Programme Successful they got $20,000 Dollars which was their first Income. This was something unique and different. At a small age developing such a type of Programme was tough which even a Developer can’t do. In 1972 Bill Gates and Paul Allen decided to make their own Company. Later, he passed his School Studies from Lakeside School in 1973.

Bill Gates secured an Excellent Score on “SAT” Entrance Exam. He Secured a Score of 1590 with a total of 1600 Marks. His Parent was too Happy and Bill got Admission to Harvard University, United States of America. In 1974 December, Allen got a Popular Electronic Magazine where World’s First Mini Computer ALTAIR 8800 COMPUTER was announced. After this, Paul Allen told all about this to Bill Gates. They both were happy as this will make work easier for humans. The ALTAIR 8800 COMPUTER was made by Ed Roberts Company in New Mexico. The Founder of this Company Henry Edwards Roberts was searching for a Peron who can make the Computer work with the help of Software. This was the opportunity for both of them to make valuable work. At Harvard Computer Center, they both worked hard all day and finally made the Software.

In February 1975, Paul Allen for Software Testing went to Ed Roberts Company. It went Successful with the testing of Software with ALTAIR 8800 COMPUTER. This was the History made in the World of Computers. Being Only 19 Years, Bill Gates and Paul Allen 4 April 1975 made their Own Company “Microsoft Company”. After this, they started working with Ed Roberts Company. Due to this, he dropped out of the institute without graduating in the year 1975.

Being 21, he Focused More on his Company. So, He Registered his Company Microsoft on 26 November 1976. He used to check the codes by the employee to find an Error working in the company. With Time Microsoft also started to Specialize in new languages for Software and started producing for other Computer companies. The Softwares production becomed more than 1 Million till the end of 1978. His Company went popular within Time in Computer Science World. His Employees being 13 increased to 128 Employees in Microsoft Company.

In 1980, Microsoft Company got a big offer from IBM Company to make software for personal Computers. So, they made a new Software “MS-DOS” for IBM Company. IBM wanted to purchase the Software’s Source code From Microsoft for $50000. Microsoft disagreed with the Decision of IBM Company. Bill Gates wanted that IBM should pay for Each Computer after installing their software. So, IBM Company had to give a Licence fee to Microsoft for Each Computer installed with Microsoft Software.

In 1981, Bill Gates become Microsoft’s President and Paul Allen Becomed Executive Vice President of the Company. In 1983 Microsoft Company Turnover Increased from 4 Million to 16 Million dollars. At that time in the world many personal Computers, about 30% of Microsoft software were used. The Demand for Software was rapidly increasing across the World. But, Paul Allen faced a disease which comes with Cancer named Hodgkin lymphoma. He was under this disease for 1 Year and After that, he was becoming well slowly. Due to this, he can’t participate much in working with the Microsoft Company. This was the Reason Paul Allen and Bill Gates’s Partnership ended.

In 1984, Bill was the Only Face in the Name of Microsoft Company. The next Year his Company did more than 140 Million Dollars sell. In 1986 Bill Gates Launched his Microsoft Company First Product “Microsoft Windows” which is an operating system from which a person can easily control Windows through Mouse. In 1986, Bill Gates made his Microsoft Company Public. He kept 45% of the Total Stock of his Company Share which made him become a Billionaire at age of 31 only. In 1987, Bill Gates faced Crisis as IBM Company Replaced Software from MS-DOS to OS/2. After this Situation, he started updating Microsoft Windows.

On 22 May 1990, Microsoft Company made a New Version of Microsoft Windows 3.0. He also reduced the Cost of his Software as anyone can easily purchase it. Microsoft Windows 3.0 becomed the Most Selling Operating System. Due to this IBM’S OS/2 Software failed in the Market. But this was not the Ending.

In 1993, Justice Department did an investigation in Microsoft as founding License fee charge for the Company which sold without software to the Buyers. In July 1994 Microsoft Accepted All Charges made by Justice Department and Case Closed. This year only bill gates 37 years old married Melinda French on 1 January 1994. Melinda French worked in his Microsoft Company only. After some months only, Bill Gates mother on 10 June 1994 due to Breast Cancer.

The Year 1995, was a good year for Microsoft Company. Microsoft Launched another Operating System Windows 95. Windows Operating System becomed a Popular Operating system and becomed common on every computer. Later Microsoft keeps updating their Windows Version as Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 which everyone knows.

Now, Bill Gates is a Successful and Richest Businessman in the World. Later, In 2014 Bill Gates Made Satya Nadella as Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft. He becomed the Richest Man of the World at the age of 48 years only. He inspires everyone with his Struggle and Hardwork. So, this was the Life Story of Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Net Worth

Bill Gates earns from Various Sources. He is earning through Hotel. His Net Worth can’t be told accurate but can be told to some extent. So, he has an Estimated Net Worth of approximately about 108 Billion Crores.

Bill Gates also has Social Media Platforms. You can easily visit her Profiles by Clicking on the Links given below.

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Some Facts About Bill Gates

  1. Bill Gates is one of the Biggest Businessmen in the World.
  2. At the age of 12, he liked to Play Monopoly Game and the Risk.
  3. He is one of the Richest Person in the World by Forbes
  4. From Childhood, he was an Excellent Child who was excellent at studies.
  5. Bill Gates and his Friend Paul Allen First Income was $20000 Dollars.
  6. He is an SAT Exam Qualified with 1590 out of 1600 Marks.
  7. Bill Gates is Called “Harvard’s Most Successful Dropout”.
  8. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is one of the Big Charity foundations in the world.
  9. Bill Gates also runs NGO “The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation” doing useful works for the people.
  10. He had Only taken a holiday of 5 Days Off in 33 Years of his Own Microsoft Company.

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