Anmol Jaiswal Biography – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Education, Success Story, Net Worth and More


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Today, In this Post You will come to know about a Popular Youtuber who achieved all things at a young age and now is living a very luxurious lifestyle who build his name in the gaming industry. I am Taking here about Anmol Jaiswal. So, In this Blog Post, You will come to know about Anmol Jaiswal Biography – Age, Height, Girlfriend, Education, Success Story, Net Worth and More.
Anmol Jaiswal is an Indian Youtuber, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer. He is Popularly known for his Gaming Channel “Anmol Jaiswal” where he uploads gaming videos of various games. He is among the youngest who achieved all things at a very young age and is an inspiration to many of his viewers.

Anmol Jaiswal Biography

Full Name Anmol Jaiswal
Born 17 September 1998
Age 23 as in 2021
Born Place Gurugram, Haryana
Profession Youtuber
Height (approx) 160 cm
Weight (approx) 70 kg
Eye Color  Black
Hair Color  Black
Hobbies Travelling
Food diet Non-Vegetarian
Religion Hinduism
Marital Status Unmarried
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality Indian

Anmol Jaiswal Girlfriend

Anmol Jaiswal also has a girlfriend whose name is Anu Kumari, who is his classmate. She is very supportive and always motivates him in his carrier.

Anmol Jaiswal Education

Anmol Jaiswal belonged to a good Financial Family and always supported him. Due to this, he studied well from a School and also completed his college studies at a good college. So, here is all about his education details.
School: Anmol Jaiswal did his school studies at Delhi Public School, which is a very good private school to study.
College: Anmol Jaiswal did his College studies at Delhi University, which is a Public Central University. He has done BCA, MCA from the institute.

Anmol Jaiswal Success Story

When it comes to Success, everyone needs success but the actual requirements needed to be a success in a particular field, Only a few do.
It becomes easy to start and easier to end up. Here, you will know about a Young boy Anmol Jaiswal who is Just 23 Years achieved all things that he wanted from his life.
Anmol Jaiswal was born in a rich business family. He belonged from a Baniya. He loved playing games in his childhood and used to visit PlayStations market to play games for hours to spend time with friends. His craze increased from time to time and became addicted to gaming. When he was 7,8 class he started spending too much money. So, he doesn’t want to waste his Parent’s money.

One Day one idea ran into his mind and asked Rs 5000 /- from his parents as he wanted to buy Gaming Consoles someone was selling on the OLX Website. His Parents Gave him money and Supported him to buy the Gaming Console. This was a Great Push from his Parents to Start and gain profit. After Using 10-15 Days he again sold the game console for nearly Rs 6000/- on OLX Website. He Earned Profit from the Original Price having extra money in the pocket. He also did the same strategies with other Game Console and earned profits. After 5-6 Months he returned Rs 5000/- to his parents. He has gained profit due to which he bought his new Gaming Console. Anmol Jaiswal Learned all this at age of only 14 and Earned his First Income Source.

Anmol Jaiswal was also Good in his studies and so his parents always supported him in gaming.  So, when he passed his 12th Studies. He took admission to Delhi University. He was aiming to build a Carrier in Gaming related field.
From here his New Journey on YouTube Started when he was in his First Year of College. He created his YouTube Channel by “Anmol Jaiswal” and Uploaded Tech Videos like Unboxing. He used to take Tech Gadgets from his family, Relatives, friends for his Tech Channel Review and Uploaded his Video. The Biggest Boost to his Channel Come when he uploaded a Vlog video of Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi famous for cheap gadgets for gaming than other markets. So, Uploaded the Vlog Video and the video got good views which crossed 100K Views in just 1 Week.
He then decided to convert his Tech channel completely to Gaming Channel. Anmol Jaiswal started uploading more and more videos and was getting a good response. All that he was doing because he was Passionate and enjoying too much doing it. After this, his channel got good Subscribers. 
He also made another YouTube Channel “AJ Gaming” which also performed well. When he reached to Final Year of his Graduation, his family wanted to know about his job and what will he continue. Anmol Jaiswal Convinced his parents all about YouTube and they agreed with his decision.
After that, he Created his New Channel for Travelling as Vlog Channel “Indian Backpacker”. He started travelling exploring India but was not getting a good response so he started travelling for international tours. Finally, he was getting a good response on that channel. 
But Unfortunately, Coronavirus Pandemic was introduced in 2021. He was having problems with his travelling vlogs but started making lifestyle vlogs. He was all at home but this was the advantage for his channel too as he started gaining views because most people’s spent much time on smartphones. He gained lots of attention in 2021 and reached good Subscribers in his Channel. This was the year that completely changed his life.
Now, Anoop Jaiswal is a Gamer, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer, Tech and business personality. He has all that he dreamt of in his childhood. It all depends on You how you play the role of your life.

Anmol Jaiswal Net Worth

Anmol Jaiswal has various earning sources as Anmol Jaiswal works in various other Platforms. He earns from YouTube Channel Monetization, Sponsorship’s, Business and many others. 
But, the Net Worth of Anmol Jaiswal can be calculated near to some extent. His YouTube Channel “Anoop Jaiswal” his estimated Net Worth is approximately about 2-3 Lakh Dollars in 2021.

Some Facts About Anmol Jaiswal

  1. Anmol Jaiswal is known as one of the top Gamers in India.
  2. He also runs his own business, which is a platform of the marketplace for gamers.
  3. He started earning at age of Just 14 Only which is very surprising.
  4. He is also a pet lover and mostly loves to play dog in his free time.
  5. He belongs to a business Background Family.
  6. Anmol Jaiswal family were very supportive and helped him with what he needed.
  7. He was having a business mind from a very early age.
  8. He likes to travel and Explore places across the world.
  9. He also has an interest in having expensive bikes as he is a travel vlogger.
  10. Anmol Jaiswal loves to play his Favourite Games like GTA 5, RDR 2, Cricket 19 mostly.
  11. Anmol Jaiswal has 4 YouTube Channels Indian Backpacker, Anmol Jaiswal, Game Soukin and Gaming Tak.
  12. Anmol Jaiswal doesn’t do any kind of addiction-related to smoking or drinking.
This was the Biography of Great Personality who made a name in a gaming carrier and now has become an inspirion of others. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.
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