Adn Gaming Yt Biography – Age, Real Name, Wife, Education, Youtube Journey and More


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Adn Gaming Yt is an Indian Youtuber from a village in Assam. He is known as Popular in Gaming. He plays only with the help of his tongue. He is among the top Creators of the gaming community and is a well-known gamer. He has a YouTube Channel “Adn Gaming Yt” where he uploads his Gaming Videos.

Adn Gaming Yt BBiography

Real NameNikhil Baraik
Born Not Known
AgeNot Known
Born PlaceDhubri, Assam
Height (approx)Not Known
Weight (approx)Not Known
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
HobbiesVideo games
Food DietNon-Vegetarian
Marital StatusMarried
Zodiac Sign Not Known

Adn Gaming Yt Wife

Adn Gaming is married and his wife’s name is Riya Kumari. His wife is very supportive of him in every kind of work as he is handicapped. They both have one child whose name is majolica, who is very sweet.

Adn Gaming Yt Education

Adn Gaming education is not known as it is not disclosed. The information related to his education is personal and private. This section will be updated as we come to know about his education.

And Gaming Yt Youtube Journey

Adn Gaming Yt has an inspiring and Motivating Youtube Journey. Now, he is been appreciated for his Gaming in the gaming community. So, here you will get to know about his Successful YouTube Journey.

Nikhil was born in a poor family in Assam. His life was very struggling and hard to earn money. He was even not having a good house, electricity and had a food crisis in the family. He was all doing great in his life what was available works near his village.

He is a true example of Nothing being impossible. His life was all good before 2018. But After he opened his youtube “Technical Jio”. He uploaded regularly but the videos he uploaded don’t get a response. And, the show exited the Channel.

In 2018, he got married to Riya. After marriage, it becomes big responsibility to make all go financially good. So, he went from Assam to Bangalore to join a tiles Company. But, Unfortunately after two months, he suffered from an accident due to shock Circuit in the Company. He was admitted to Hospital. The Doctors told his family about the infection Nikhil was suffering as he can’t be alive if his two legs and two hands if not cut. His family told that they wanted him alive. So, he become Handicapped.

After this incident, he was not able to do any kind of work. But his family were always there to help him. It was too struggling and challenging life as he can’t do any responsibility for his family. All Day Nikhil would stay home and spend time on his smartphones. He operated Smartphone with the help of his tongue. Nikhil played games like candy crush and uploaded videos on YouTube “Adn Gaming”. But no good response he was getting on his channel. Pubg was on top in gaming so he started playing Pubg. He tried playing with his tongue. He was able to operate all with his tongue but from time to time after too much practising he played good. Nikhil recorded his gaming video and uploaded it to his YouTube channel. He didn’t get much attention. So, started making face cam Videos and was getting some support. The people who watched were very shocked about how he played with his help of tongue so good. His video reached many YouTube creators and they started supporting him. After some time he was in news in a gaming community and many started helping him. Most of his videos also started being viral on his channel. So, this way he got many subscribers on his YouTube Channel.

Adn Gaming Yt Net Worth

Adn Gaming Yt has an estimated Net Worth of approximately about $27,979 by the report of starstat website from only YouTube Channel latest till 20 November 2021.

And Gaming Yt Social Links

Adn Gaming is available on many social platforms like Facebook, Instagram along YouTube. You may visit his Official Account given below by Clicking on the link.

Instagram: Click Here

Youtube: Click Here

Facebook: Click Here

Some Facts About Adn Gaming Yt

  1. Adn Gaming is a pro player in Gaming.
  2. He is a very simpleinnocent and kind-hearted person.
  3. His Channel “Adn Gaming Yt” has about 833K Subscribers on YouTube Channel.
  4. He was born to a very Financial issue Family.
  5. He is now been supported by top Creators in India.

This was the Biography of Adn Gaming Yt. His success proved that a person is not said to be handicapped if he is handicapped but he/she is called handicapped by the brain not to function. I hope you have known much information from this blog post. So, If you enjoyed reading Comment below as your feedback is always appreciated.


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