Rowan  Atkinson

Top 10 Unknown Facts

1. Rowan Atkinson is a Popular Global Comedian Born on 6 January 1995 in Consett Country Durham, England.

2. He Belonged From Middle Class Family to a farmer.

3. He has Done his Btech Studies in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Oxford university.

4. Before being Popular as Mr. Bean, he was First Called Mr. White, Mr. Cauliflower.

5. He is also Awarded as "Commander of the Order of the British Empire" in 2013.

6. Rowan Atkinson had Faced Problem with Speaking which is Known as Stammer.

7. He has a great love for Cars and owns top Expensive Cars.

8. Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean Announced his retirement from the Character in 2015.

9. He is Listed as One of the Richest Comedians in the World having a Net Worth of approximately about $150 Million in 2022.

10. Rowan Atkinson is a True Example as you don't need a Heroic mind, body, good look, background but you all need Passion to Follow and Dedicated hard work.

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