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top 10  unknown facts


1. Pushkar Raj Thakur is an Indian Young Business Coach who was born in Delhi, India.

2. He is the Founder of PRT Global Solutions.

3. He Belonged to a Well Privileged Background.

4. Pushkar Raj Thakur Wife's Name is Surbhi Raj Thakur, who belongs to a Business Family.

5. He has Completed his Psychology Honours From Delhi University.

6. He has Currently About 6.02 Million Subscribers on his Youtube Channel 'Pushkar Raj Thakur Business Coach".

7. He is Currently working on Developing India's Youth to GoSelfmade Revolution.

8. Being Only Just Age 17, Pushkar raj Thakur Started Affiliate Marketing.

9. He has a Big Dream to Buy Ferrari as he said in near Future.

10. Now, Pushkar Raj Thakur is one of the Biggest Name From whom many peoples are inspired and gaining valuable information from him.

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