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top 10  unknown facts

Ritesh Agarwal

1. Ritesh Agarwal Known Popularly as the Founder of OYO is one the Young Indian Billionaires in the World.

2. At the age of 8 Only, Ritesh Agarwal Started Learning the Coding Language.

3. Ritesh Agarwal Hails from a very simple family running shop in Orissa, India.

4. During Childhood, he wanted to Become a Pilot but later wanted to become Enterpreneur when search the meaning of it in Dictionary.

5. After Completing his, Schooling, Ritesh Agarwal went to Kota For IIT Entrance Exam Preparation.

6. Before OYO becomed Successful, Ritesh Agarwal Failed many times of Startup.

7. Ritesh Agarwal was a College Dropout from the Indian School of Business and Finance.

8. Ritesh Agarwal is also Award by Business World Young Enterpreneur Award.

9. Oyo is a Top and has becomed the Leading Company in Providing Rooms in various countries.

10. Ritesh Agarwal's Great Contribution to the Facilities of Best Rooms is appreciating and impressive.

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